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This Week in the Life of your Bishop, August 14th to August 21st

Bishop Paul’s Travel Schedule: August 4th to September 11th

Holy Dormition Monastery, Rives Junction, MI, August 14th to 15th

  • Annual Pilgrimage, 30th Anniversary of Monastery

Ss. Peter & Paul, Detroit, MI, August 18th to 20th

Holy Myrrhbearer’s Chapel, St. Cloud, MINN, August 25th to 27th

Holy Assumption, Marblehead, OH, September 1st to the 3rd

  • Presentation of Palitza to former rector Fr. David Lis

Ss. Cyril & Methodius, Milwaukee, WI, September 8th to 10th

  • 90th Anniversary, Ordination of Deacon Constantine Bodien to the priesthood

Please keep in your prayers… Metropolitan Herman, Fr. John Matusiak (recovering from quadruple by pass surgery), Fr. John Klembara, Fr. Paul Lazor, Fr. Ted Bobosh, Fr. Joseph Gibson, Dn. Bohdan Melnychenko, Matushka Carol Janeček, Matushka Laryssa Hutnyan, Helen Lis (mother of Fr. David Lis), and Theodore Geletka.

If there are people who are known throughout the diocese that are in need of prayer, please submit their names to Bishop Paul

At the St. Macrina 4th Annual Institute Bishop Paul heard the following words from Fr. Alexii Altschul of Holy Archangel Monastery, “Jesus loves us where we are at (unconditional love), but he loves us too much to leave us where we are at.” Good words. We all gravitate to the first part but do we realize the second part is just as important as the first?

If you are holding any special events or celebrating any special services, and would like to share this news with the diocese, contact Fr. John Matusiak to put the event on the diocesan web page. Gather what photos you have and send those to Fr. John along with some bullet points of facts concerning the event. That way he can do a brief write up of the event. Fr. John can be reached at:


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