Charitable Outreach

Suburban Detroit Parish Reaches Out to Find Many in Need in One of Michigan’s Most Affluent Areas
One of the dilemmas facing suburban parishes that find themselves in attractive neighborhoods in suburbia is how to find good Charitable service projects that are valuable to local needy families. In this article Matushka Ruth Yavornitzky explains how  St. Mark’s Church, located in one of Michigan’s most affluent areas began working with a local school to tutor children. That relationship grew into an opportunity to be of greater service to local needy families –who lived within blocks of the church. See article here

St. Gregory of Nysaa Saturday Lunch Video Program
The Parish Health Ministry recently completed an eight minute video profiling the Saturday Lunch Program at St. Gregory of Nyssa parish in Columbus OH.

While this video should be of interest to parishes of all types it will be particularly informative to urban parishes in the Diocese.

The video describes a transformation that began with serving doughnuts to homeless persons near the church and has grown to include a full meal each Saturday in the church hall, job training, classes in Orthodoxy and a seamless relationship where neighborhood people give back to the parish by assisting with parish projects.

The conditions and needs surrounding your parish community are likely different — but the self emptying motivation to embrace the needs of neighbors can be a helpful inspiration to all Diocesan parishes.

CLICK HERE to view the video. (Download times will vary.)

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