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This Week in the Life of your Bishop, November 12th to November 19th

Bishop Paul’s Travel Schedule: November 12th to December 17th

Our Life in Christ Youth Retreat, six sites throughout the Diocese, November 16, 2018

  • #IAMORTHODOX, the joys and challenges of living the Faith in today’s world

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Chicago, IL, November 17th to 18th

  • Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos, November 21st to 22nd

St. John of Chicago Chapel, New Lenox, IL, Sunday, November 25th

Diocesan Council/Bishop Council, Chicago, IL, November 28th to 29th

Joy of All Who Sorrow, Joplin, MO, St. Thomas, Springfield, MO, Nov. 30th-Dec. 3rd

St. Nicholas Church, Mogadore, OH, December 5th to 6th

  • Presentation of St. John of Chicago Cross to Fr. John Mason

St. Mary Cathedral, Minneapolis, MINN, December 7th to 9th

  • Presentation of St. John of Chicago Award to Fr. Vladimir Lecko

Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Madison, IL, December 14th to 16th

Please keep in your prayers… Fr. Joseph Gibson, Fr. Ted Bobosh, Fr. Emilian Hutnyan, Fr. Josef Von Klarr, Fr. Jonathan Cholcher, Fr. William Bass, Father Vladimir and Matushka Virginia Lecko, Matushka Barbara Kopka, Helen Lis (mother of Fr. David Lis), and Theodore Geletka.

If there are people who are known throughout the diocese that are in need of prayer, please submit their names to Bishop Paul

Some sad and tragic news to announce; Protodeacon Dennis and Matushka Helen Lucak were found dead in their home on Sunday November 11, 2018. More information will be forthcoming once the facts are known. Please keep the Lucak family in your prayers. Memory be eternal to Protodeacon Dennis and Matushka Helen! Protodeacon Dennis was attached to Holy Archangel Michael in Broadview Hts., OH.

During his visit to Archangel Michael in St. Louis on November 8th, Bishop Paul elevated Fr. Christopher Phillips to Archpriest. Axios! to Father Christopher and Matushka Irene. On November 11th, Bishop Paul blessed Nikolai Kovalak, Jason Pfeiffer, Hudson Louie, and Robert Reilly from Archangel Michael in Broadview Hts, OH to wear the orarion as senior altar servers.

The policy document on the Proportional giving method of funding the Diocese will be approved at the upcoming Diocesan Council meeting on November 29th. The document will also describe the necessary procedure to be followed for any of our parishes that seek to file an appeal for a lower percentage to be used to determine the parish’s monthly remittance to the Diocese due to financial hardship. That document will be made public December 1st.

If you are holding any special events or celebrating any special services, and would like to share this news with the diocese, contact Fr. John Matusiak to put the event on the diocesan web page. Gather what photos you have and send those to Fr. John along with some bullet points of facts concerning the event. That way he can do a brief write up of the event. Fr. John can be reached at:


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