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This Week in the Life of your Bishop, March 18th to March 25th

Bishop Paul’s Travel Schedule: March 18th to April 22nd

Holy Resurrection Church, Palatine, IL, March 20th, Presanctified Liturgy

Holy Apostles Church, Normal, IL, March 22nd, to 24th

  • Fr. David Gresham to receive Diocesan Award of the Nabedrennik

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Chicago, IL, March 25th, Feast of Annunciation

Ss. Peter & Paul, Burr Ridge, IL, March 27th, Presanctified Liturgy

St. Luke, Palos Hills, IL, March 29th to 31st

St Nicholas Church, Kenosha, WI, April 3rd, Presanctified Liturgy

St. Herman of Alaska Chapel, West Bend, WI, April 5th to 7th

  • Fr Harold Madlom to receive the Synodal Award of the Palitza

St. Nicholas Church, Joliet, IL, April 10th, Presanctified Liturgy

St. Innocent Church, Olmstead Falls, OH, April 12th to 14th

St. Vladimir’s Seminary, Yonkers, NY, April 16th to 18th

  • Visitation of students

Please keep in your prayers… Fr. Joseph Gibson, Fr. John Matusiak, Fr. Emilian Hutnyan, Fr. John Jones, Fr. Josef Von Klarr, Father Zachariah Trent, Father Vladimir and Matushka Virginia Lecko, Matushka Barbara Kopka, Helen Lis (mother of Fr. David Lis), Thomas Hutnyan, and Theodore Geletka.

If there are people who are known throughout the diocese that are in need of prayer, please submit their names to Bishop Paul

During his visit to St Nicholas Church in Columbus, OH, on March 17th, +Paul bestowed the Synodal Award of the Jeweled Cross to Fr. Miroljub Ruzic. “Axios!” to Fr. Miroljub and to his family.

Please mark down these dates on your calendars:
Annual Clergy Convocation: May 13th to 15th, at the Carmelite Center, Darien, IL. Dr. Nathan Jacobs will be our retreat speaker.
Diocesan Assembly: October 7th to 9th, at Archangel Michael, Broadview Hts, OH

Do remember to fill out and submit the annual report for 2018 indicating your compliance status with Sexual Misconduct procedures you have adopted in the parish. It is very important that we show 100% compliance in submitting this report! This can be sent to the Diocesan Address of 927 N La Salle Dr. Chicago, 60610 or sent via email to Philip Sokolov attached as a file at The report can be downloaded by clicking on this link: /files/DOCUMENTS/psp/PSP-Checklist.pdf

If you are holding any special events or celebrating any special services, and would like to share this news with the diocese, contact Fr. John Matusiak to put the event on the diocesan web page. Gather what photos you have and send those to Fr. John along with some bullet points of facts concerning the event. That way he can do a brief write up of the event. Fr. John can be reached at:


This Week in the Life of your Bishop

Clergy Convocation: May 13-15, Darien, IL
Diocesan Assembly: October 7-9, Broadview Heights, OH

Upcoming Feasts of the Church

Great Feast Mar 25 - The Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos

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