Chancery Notes

Christ is Risen!

Please remember Archbishop Paul in your prayers

Please keep in your prayers… Metropolitan Herman, Fr. Moses Berry, Fr. John and Margaret Zabinko, Fr. Josef Von Klarr, Fr. Michael Kuzara, Fr. Gregory Grivna, Deacon Paul Gansle, Deacon Peter Rentsch, Deacon Michael Wilson, Matushka Virginia Lecko, Matushka Susan Dank, Mary Dank, Zoe, Noah, and Marie, Andrew Rydgig.

  • As previously announced, the 61st Assembly of the Diocese of the Midwest will be held on the afternoon of Monday, July 18th, at the venue of the All-American Council in Baltimore <> from 1:00 pm to approximately 5:00 pm. AAC registrants from the Diocese of the Midwest will automatically be registered for the Diocesan Assembly. Changes and additional registrations may be made by emailing Philip Sokolov at
  • The option is now available to parishes to have their monthly proportional giving checks transacted through automatic deposit. Please contact Rob at to pursue this option.

If you are holding any special events or celebrating any special services, and would like to share this news with the diocese, contact Fr. Alexander Koranda our communications director to put the event on the diocesan web page. Gather what photos you have and send those to Fr. Alexander along with some bullet points of facts concerning the event. That way he can do a brief write up of the event. Fr. Alexander can be reached at:

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