This Week in the Life of Your Bishop

This Week in the Life of your Bishop, June 14th to June 21st    

Archbishop Paul’s Travel Schedule, June 14th to July 19th

Bishop’s Council/Diocesan Council, Burbank, IL, June 17th to 18th

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Chicago, IL, June 19th to 21st, Pentecost services

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Chicago, IL, June 25th to June 26th

  • Ordination of Sub Deacon Paul Garklavs to the Diaconate

Ss. Peter & Paul, Burr Ridge, IL, June 26th to 27th

St Seraphim Cathedral, Dallas, TX, June 28th to 29th

  • Consecration of Bishop-elect Gerasim to the Episcopacy

Holy Transfiguration, Livonia, MI, July 2 to 4th

Holy Trinity, Clayton, WI, July 9th to 11th

Christ the Savior, Byesville, OH, July 16th to 18th

  • Benjamin Johnson to be elevated to rank of Archpriest

Please keep in your prayers… Metropolitan Herman, Fr. Moses Berry, Fr. John and Margaret Zabinko, Fr. Josef Von Klarr, Matushka Virginia Lecko, Fr. Gregory Grivna, Deacon Paul Gansle, Matushka Doreen Aasen, Matushka Snezana Ruzic, Helen Lis (mother of Fr. David Lis), Theodore Geletka, Gabriel Jones, and Elizabeth Jannakos (Mother of our Chancellor), and Melinda.

If there are people who are known throughout the diocese that are in need of prayer, please inform +Paul.

On June 10th, during his visit to Holy Ascension in Albion, MI, +Paul awarded the Palitza to the Archpriest Joshua Frigerio. He also elevated Deacon John Wesner to the rank of Protodeacon. Axios to the both of you!

On June 13th during his visit to St. Stephen in Crawfordsville, IN, +Paul elevated the Priest Joel Weir to the rank of Archpriest. Axios Fr. Joel!

At the Diocesan Assembly in October of this year, our Diocesan Treasurer, Rob Koncel announced that the option was now available to parishes to have their monthly proportional giving checks transacted through automatic deposit. Please contact Rob at to pursue this option.

Some parishes are still forwarding their monthly proportional giving checks to the old address on 927 La Salle Dr., please forward them to the current address of the Chancery at 5037 W 83rd St. Burbank, IL, 60459. Thank you.

Mark Your Calendars

Annual Diocesan Assembly, October 11th to 13th, Broadview Hts., OH

  • Be advised there might be a slight shift in dates, but the assembly will take place that week of Monday, October 11th, this will be clarified ASAP.

If you are holding any special events or celebrating any special services, and would like to share this news with the diocese, contact Fr. Alexander Koranda our communications director to put the event on the diocesan web page. Gather what photos you have and send those to Fr. Alexander along with some bullet points of facts concerning the event. That way he can do a brief write up of the event. Fr. Alex can be reached at:

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