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The Diocesan Council is the permanent body of the diocesan administration. Its membership is elected at the Diocese Assembly with the approval of the Bishop (who is the de facto chairman). In addition to the elected/voting members, the members of the Bishop’s Council, a consultative body for the benefit of the Bishop, are ex-officio non-voting members of the Diocesan Council. This is a consultative body for the benefit of the bishop, and is comprised of the District Deans and the Chancellor.

Under the guidance of, and with the approval of the Bishop, the Diocesan Council implements decisions of the Diocesan Assembly, acts on issues affecting parishes and diocesan institutions, and deals with issues that may have legal or financial implications for the diocese, including the funding of missions, monasteries, the chancery, etc. and the collection of diocesan funds. Likewise, the Diocesan Council regulates the boundaries of the deaneries and parishes, and makes the needed preparations for the Diocesan Assembly.

Diocesan Officers

His Grace, Bishop Paul

Archpriest John Zdinak, Chancellor

Robert Koncel, Treasurer

Diocesan Council – Clergy Delegates

Archpriest James Dank (2021)

Priest Nicholas Finley (2019)

Priest Herman Kincaid (2020)

Protodeacon George Potym (2020)

Priest Benjamin Tucci (2021)

Priest Andrew Bartek, Alternate (2019)

Diocesan Council – Lay Delegates

Mary Ann Bobulsky (2021)

Dennis Garlick (2019)

Ellyn Gillette (2019)

Simeon Morbey (2021)

Carrie Sabourin (2020)

William Romanchek, Alternate (2019)

Metropolitan Council Representatives

Archpriest Alexander Garklavs, Clergy (2021)

Robert Graban, Lay (2019)

Auditing Committee

Samuel Jacob (2021)

Frank Tkacz (2019)

Judi Wienclaw (2020)


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