2021: A Year in Review

BURBANK, IL [DOM Communications] – 2021 is now in its final hours, and the Diocese of the Midwest has many reasons to be grateful for this past year. The past year continued to bring many challenges for our parishes and its people, but each challenge was met with perseverance and the will to move forward in God’s love.

Among the many highlights of the year was the continued work of His Eminence Archbishop Paul in making pastoral visits to his communities. This was another challenging year in traveling for His Eminence navigating the many different health regulations of his vast diocese. His Eminence was also busy with his work as a part of the Holy Synod, the Assembly of Bishops, and as a guest speaker at various retreats. Many ordinations took place this year supplying the churches with clergy to minister to the faithful, with more to coming in 2022.

The 60th Diocesan Assembly also took place in Cleveland, OH, inviting members of the diocese on a three-day retreat to focus on the “sanctification of time” and brining liturgical vibrancy to their communities. Pilgrimages were made to the diocesan monastery, Holy Resurrection Monastery, helping support that community and accomplishing much needed work on the property.

In the past year, the diocese, as well as the nation church, also lost prominent and loving pastors and dedicated workers to the Church. May their memory be eternal!

Archpriest James Doyle, Archpriest Joseph Gibson, Archimandrite Alexander [Cutler], Archpriest Vladimir Lecko, Archpriest Peter Pawlack, Protodeacon Edwin Aasen, Matushka Tresja Denysenko, Archpriest Anastasy Richter, Mr. John Sedor

As Christians we always continue on in faith and hope looking at the new year with much optimism. With the coming year, we know that there will be many challenges and many blessings, which is the great joy of the sojourner of this earth. May God continue to bless and strengthen our hierarch, Archbishop Paul, our clergy and faithful in the upcoming year, assisting us in keeping our eyes on our home – the Heavenly Kingdom.

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