Diocesan Seminarians

Joseph Goshorn-Maroney

Home Parish: St Stephen the First Martyr Church, Crawfordsville, IN

Seminary: St. Tikhon’s Seminary

Year & Program: 1st year M.Div.

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Jarrod Huffman

Home Parish:

Seminary: St. Vladimir’s Seminary

Year & Program: 2nd year M.Div.

Jarrod Huffman and his wife Emily were brought into the Church in 2014 at St Paul’s in Las Vegas, Nevada where they maintain a dear connection. A Midwesterner by birth, Jarrod attended college in Colorado. He was sent to Las Vegas as an Air Force Combat Rescue Helicopter Pilot after completing pilot training. Emily has an MFA in Writing, and has recently transitioned into software engineering.
Jarrod and Emily have spent the last ten years of their marriage living in Nevada and Alabama, where they served actively in parish life, contributing their time and talents to the choir and church school. In June of 2023, Jarrod left the military to pursue studies at St Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminary. He and Emily have three bookish children, Ambrose, Theodora, and Elisabeth, and all are excited about the prospect of returning to the Midwest, which they continue to consider home.

Christopher Mescher

Home Parish: St. Gregory of Nyssa Church, Columbus, OH

Seminary: St. Tikhon’s Seminary

Year & Program: 2nd year M.Div.

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Constantine Sarsama

Home Parish: St. Matthew Church, Green Bay, WI

Seminary: St. Tikhon’s Seminary

Year & Program: 2nd year M.Div.

Constantine was born and raised in Cleveland, OH; he grew up attending the Cathedral of the Falling Asleep of the Ever-Virgin Mary (OCA-ROEA). He met his wife, Keely Raphaella, while he was completing his bachelor’s degree at Cleveland State University and she was doing a year of service with Americorps in Cleveland. They have four children: Myla, Julian, Anastasia, and Sylvia.
The Sarsamă family attended St Luke Antiochian Orthodox Church in Chagrin Falls, OH before moving to Green Bay, WI in January 2018 and attending St Matthew Church. There, Constantine served in the altar, read at liturgical services, co-facilitated the youth and young adult group, and co-founded a small Byzantine choir; during COVID, he led a remote parish education course that explored the Old Testament as Church History. He was ordained a subdeacon by Archbishop Daniel in November 2022, and began his studies at St Tikhon’s Seminary in the Fall of 2023.

Cole Schlafer

Home Parish: St. Nicholas Church, Mentor, OH

Seminary: St. Tikhon’s Seminary

Year & Program: 2nd year M. Div.

Cole was raised in the Episcopal Church, first in Southeast Michigan and then outside Akron, OH. He met his now wife Sarah in High School and was introduced to the Orthodox Faith through her, at St. Nicholas in Mogadore, OH. Cole’s faith continued to grow through his college years at St. Gregory of Nyssa parish in Columbus, OH and he was Chrismated to the Orthodox Faith in December 2008.
Since their marriage, Cole and Sarah have been active members of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Mentor, OH. During their time there, Sarah served as Choir Director while Cole has served on parish council in various capacities. 
Cole worked for over decade in the software and insurance fields all the while feeling a call toward greater service to Christ’s Holy Church. Finally, that call pulled him to St. Tikhon’s Seminary starting Fall 2023. Cole and Sarah have 3 boys: Simon, Michael, and Nikolai.

Cuthbert Schreder

Home Parish: Holy Myrrhbearers Church, St. Cloud, MN

Seminary: St. Tikhon’s Seminary

Year & Program: 2nd year M. Div.

Eugene was raised in the small town of Paynesville, Minnesota. He grew up in the Restorationist denomination called the churches of Christ, where he taught Bible classes, gave sermons, and led songs. He and Elizabeth were married after graduating high school in 2014. In 2020, Eugene received a Bachelors degree in History from St. Cloud State University. He discovered the Orthodox Church during his studies and fell in love with the beauty of the Lord’s House. In 2019, he and his family began attending Holy Myrrhbearers Orthodox Church, which was only a few blocks away from the SCSU campus. On the Sunday of All Saints in June of 2020, the Schreder family was baptized into Christ, and Eugene received the name of Cuthbert. Not long thereafter, with the help of Fr. Andrew Jaye, Eugene began to discern a call to the Holy Priesthood, and he was ordained a reader on the Sunday of the Myrrhbearing Women in May of 2021. Having served Holy Myrrhbearers in this capacity, Reader Cuthbert, Elizabeth, and their three children began the next chapter of their lives at St. Tikhon’s Seminary in the Fall of 2023.

Paisios Winsler

Home Parish: St. Paul the Apostle Church, Dayton, OH

Seminary: St. Vladimir’s Seminary

Year & Program: Th.M.

Paisios is a member of St. Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church in Dayton, OH, currently living on campus at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary. In the past, he has served in pastoral ministry in Protestant churches, as a Christian Studies educator at the high school level, and in diaconal ministry in an Anglican context. More recently, Paisios worked as a software engineer, but after a course of study with Fr. Silviu Bunta and with the counsel of his spiritual father, he and his wife agreed to pursue seminary studies. Paisios has been married to Sophia for 15 years; they have two daughters, Candice and Zenaida, and a newborn son, Oran. Upon completing the MA program at SVS, he enrolled in the advanced Master of  Theology program at the same institution, which he hopes to complete in 2025.

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