Lay Education

Did you know that your deanery has a program for deepening your knowledge of the Christian Faith? The St. Macrina Orthodox Institute has several courses available.

Charitable Ministries

Did you know that the diocese has a website that gives you tools to raise funds for your parish and ministries? The Mother Maria Ministry is an umbrella ministry that facilitates online fundraising at a nonprofit rate.

Family Life Resources

The Orthodox Christian faith considers the family to be a little Church, for it is within the family where real Christian formation takes place. With that in mind, His Grace, Bishop Paul has envisioned a faith-based effort to provide resources and support for the “little Church”.

Bible Studies

A new collection of bible studies titled “The Living Word” is being developed. The collection was edited by Fr John Matusiak and is being piloted at St. Joseph Orthodox Church Wheaton IL.

The Living Word is a 25-session Bible Study collection for group and individual use. Each series consists of five study guides on specific topics central to the Orthodox Christian faith and life as revealed in the spoken words of Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God.
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