Saints Who Have Served in the Diocese of the Midwest

Saint Alexis Toth, Saint John Kochurov, and Saint Tikhon the Confessor have all served on the present territory of the Diocese.

Saint Alexis Toth began his journey back to the Orthodox Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and there served the Cathedral of the Holy Protection (Saint Mary’s).  Saint John Kuchurov served Saint Vladimir Church, Chicago, Illinois, and Three Hierarchs Church, Streator, Illinois. He was instrumental in the construction of the present Holy Trinity Cathedral, which was consecrated by Saint Tikhon. We seek to imitate their lives and we ask their intercessions before God.

Click the respective links below to learn more about the lives of the saints of the Midwest.

St. Alexis of Minneapolis (May 7)

St. John of Chicago (October 31) – Resources for Services

St. Tikhon, Enlightener of North America (October 9 & November 18)

In addition, the Midwest enjoys the special protection of Our Lady of Tikhvin, who for 55 years was enshrined at Holy Trinity Cathedral and preserved from the persecutors of the Church. We fervently enreat her for the salvation of our souls.

The Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God (June 26)

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