2022: A Year in Review

CHICAGO, IL [DOM] – As the year 2022 comes to a close, the Diocese of the Midwest has experienced a very full year with great joys and sorrows. Among the many joys for this canonical territory is the celebration of the 100th anniversary year of the Diocese of the Midwest. This centennial year reveals the work and efforts of this diocese which is largest in the Orthodox Church in America.

The year started out as any other year with great hope and excitement. Meetings were held with Archbishop Paul and he looked to continue his work developing the various ministries in the diocese. It was only a few short months into the year that Archbishop Paul was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. It was only a couple of months after the diagnoses that our beloved Archbishop would repose in the Lord. This was devastating news for the faithful of the Midwest, but yet great comfort would be sent by the Lord as our Archpastor would repose on Pascha, the day of our Lord’s glorious resurrection.

Although the diocese experienced this difficult time, each parish continued to labor for the Lord. Several parishes celebrated anniversary years including 130 years for Holy Trinity Cathedral, Chicago, IL and 100 years for Archangel Michael, Broadview Heights, OH.

This past summer, the Diocese of the Midwest would convene its Diocesan Assembly in conjunction with the All American Council in Baltimore, MD. It was during this holy council that the Holy Synod of Bishops would elect Bishop Daniel (Brum) of Santa Rosa as the hierarch of Chicago and the Midwest. Bishop Daniel would later be enthroned at the Diocesan Cathedral in October, and was elevated to the rank of Archbishop during the Fall Synod meeting.

In the past year, the diocese also experienced the loss of Matushka Carol Ann Janeček May her memory be eternal!

As Christians we always continue on in faith and hope looking at the new year with much optimism. With the coming year, we know that there will be many challenges and many blessings, which is the great joy of the sojourner of this earth. May God continue to bless and strengthen our hierarch, Archbishop Daniel, our clergy and faithful in the upcoming year, assisting us in keeping our eyes on our home – the Heavenly Kingdom.

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