60th Assembly Concludes

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, OH [DOM Communications] – The final session of the 60 Diocesan Assembly of the Diocese of the Midwest was held Wednesday, October 13.

The morning started with Divine Liturgy celebrated by Archpriest Paul Jannakos, Chancellor, Archpriest Herman Kincaid, Secretary, and Priest Alexander Koranda, Director of Communications. The choir was led by Reader Philip Sokolov.

In the third and final plenary session, usual reports were presented by the Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Chicago Deaneries, respectively. Additionally, the Treasurer’s Report was given and new budget was passed for 2022.

Elections took place for vacant Diocesan Council positions, as well the auditor committee. Those elected to the Diocesan Council by the assembly were, Archpriest Zachariah Trent, Archpriest Andrew Bartek, Dr. Angela Zekios, Dr. Elizabeth Lemasters. Elected as an auditor for the Diocese was Mrs. Judi Wienclaw.

Newly elected members were sworn by His Eminence Archbishop Paul to conclude the three day gathering.

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