Become an OCA Steward


SYOSSET, NY [OCA] – At the 18th All-American Council, Metropolitan Tikhon set the direction for expanding our apostolic work in North America. The foundation for this work is Jesus Christ, Whom we encounter in our spiritual lives, stewardship, evangelism and outreach, and relations with others as we engage the world.

Since the 18th All American Council in 2015, hundreds of faithful have answered the call of His Beatitude to expand the mission of the Orthodox Church in America through their generous support of the Stewards of the OCA.

When you give to the Stewards of the OCA you support the expansion of the mission by providing much needed funding for the various ministries of the OCA like: Mission and Evangelism and the Mission Planting Grant ProgramYouth and Young Adult MinistryChristian Education and the Department of Music and Translations each of which provide excellent resources for our parish choirs and education programs just to name a few.

Please consider joining the ranks of those who have committed to expand the mission of the Orthodox Church in America by supporting the Stewards of the OCA.

Being a steward of the OCA goes beyond the financial gifts which support the work of our church. Being a steward is about caring for and knowing the history of the mission of the Orthodox Church here in North America and finding your place in that history.

Having received this great gift of our Orthodox Faith, we bear the responsibility to continue the legacy of Saint Herman and Saint Tikhon; Saint Innocent and Saint Alexis and all the other saints known and unknown who have worked to build up and expand Christ’s Church here in North America.

Please consider being a part of that mission today by giving to the Stewards of the OCA.

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