Blessing of the Newly Restored Diocesan Cathedral

CHICAGO, IL [DOM Communications] – Sunday, October 24, the 18 Sunday after Pentecost, His Eminence Archbishop Paul presided over the Divine Liturgy at his Diocesan Cathedral, Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Concelebrating with His Eminence was Archpriest Paul Jannakos, Chancellor, Priest Alexander Koranda, Cathedral Dean, Protodeacon Thomas Keith and Deacon Paul Garklavs. Also present was Hieromonk Alexis (Lisenko).

During his sermon, Archbishop Paul preached on the gospel of “the Rich man and Lazarus” emphasizing that Hell is not a place that God puts people as a punishment, or something that He desires, but something that we do to ourselves when we alienate ourselves from the love of God.


Following the Divine Liturgy, Archbishop Paul read a prayer asking God to bless the newly restored cathedral and led a procession around the property with the faithful blessing the newly restored Cathedral and Rectory. The faithful sung the troparia to the temple, the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God, St. Tikhon of Moscow, and St. John of Chicago, concluding with a robust and joyful hymn to the Cross, “O Lord, save Thy People!” As previously reported, Holy Trinity Cathedral just completed a massive and historic restoration project preserving the historic and holy buildings. Offerings for this work can be made here.



The faithful of the cathedral also had the opportunity to welcome the church school students and teachers of St. Luke Orthodox Church in Palos Hills, IL who were in attendance to learn more about the history of their Diocesan Cathedral. Following the Divine Liturgy, Fr. Alexander shared a brief history of the cathedral highlighting the work of St. John of Chicago, the builder of the cathedral. “This is a very important and sacred place for us as Orthodox Christians in America. It’s important that we know our great history in this city, and visit our holy sites. This is your cathedral and has been given to us all as a place to be inspired and rejoice in God’s love for us.”

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