DOM Administration Meets, Offers Prayers for Archbishop Paul

BURBANK, IL [DOM] – On Tuesday, March 22, with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Paul, and under the chairmanship of His Grace Bishop Daniel of Santa Rosa, Diocesan Administrator, the Diocesan Administration met to continue the ongoing work of the diocese.

The meeting began with the singing of “O Heavenly King” and then Bishop Daniel lead a prayer for the health of Archbishop Paul. Archpriest Paul Jannakos, Diocesan Chancellor, welcomed His Grace to the diocese and thanked him for his assistance during this difficult time.

Various topics were discussed, including the continued care for Archbishop Paul and the good work that he has started.

The council includes: Archpriest Paul Jannakos, Chancellor, Archpriest Herman Kincaid, Secretary, Priest Alexander Koranda, Communications Director, Reader Philp Sokolov, Secretary to the Archbishop, Mr. Robert Koncel, Diocesan Treasurer.

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