DOM Charitable Ministry to Assist Active Columbus, Ohio Ministry

Mother Maria of Paris Charitable Ministry to fund Neighborhood Outreach Ministry at St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church in Columbus, Ohio

Four days a week neighbors in need call on their trusted local ministry, St. John the Merciful Neighborhood Outreach, which is a ministry of St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church in Columbus, Ohio. This ministry of service has been serving men, women, and families in Columbus for many years by offering the community hot meals, beverages, and a welcoming word from parishioners, throughout the week. Given the constant service and activity of this ministry, it is no surprise that over time, the equipment gets old and rundown as a result of their frequent use throughout the year. Now, much of the ministry’s kitchen is in great need of being replaced.

That is where you come in. For this ministry to continue to provide meals and hope to its neighbors in need, we invite you to join us in replacing kitchen and food storage equipment. The Mother Maria of Paris Charitable Ministry of the Diocese of the Midwest (OCA) has already committed a portion of the needed funds to replace vitally-needed kitchen equipment, such as a dishwasher, large refrigerator, deep freezer, stovetop/oven, and other food preparation equipment.

However, $1,500 is still needed for the kitchen’s needed updates, so that this outreach ministry can continue to serve its neighbors for years to come.

By making a donation and getting involved, you can help make a new kitchen a reality for those in Columbus who are more hard-pressed than ever. Donating as you are able to this cause is just one small way in which you can make a big impact.

About St. John the Merciful Neighborhood Outreach

Prior to the pandemic, the outreach program served dinners on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and lunches on Saturdays and Sundays. Over the past few months, they have temporarily stopped serving meals on Thursday evenings.

During weeknights, they average about 8-12 meals. On the weekends, they serve between 20 and 30 meals. The outreach program continues all year long, including holidays. On a yearly basis, they serve approximately an average of 3,200 meals.

Since the pandemic, they have transitioned to a carry-out system rather than eat-in. Currently, they pack bagged meals which include items such as sandwiches, fruit cups, chips/pretzels, yogurt, raisins, granola bars, toaster pastries, cookies and water. Sometimes, they are also able to provide hot meals in containers as well. Two local Orthodox churches help provide food occasionally and sometimes members of St. Gregory’s also bring packaged sandwiches to supplement our meals.

Besides the meals served, the outreach program has a food pantry which they keep stocked with a variety of non-perishable foods and personal hygiene items. Whenever a client comes to receive a meal, they can also choose items from the pantry to take with them. They also have a limited amount of clothing that is available for clients to choose from. In the winter months, They provide gloves, hats, socks and thermal underwear.

About the Mother Maria of Paris Charitable Ministry

The Mother Maria Ministry is the charitable arm of the Diocese of the Midwest – OCA. Our mission statement is Education, Engagement, and Stewardship.

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