Festal Services led by Archbishop Paul at Diocesan Cathedral

CHICAGO, IL [DOM Communications] – “Thou wast transfigured on the mount O Christ, God!” the choir proclaimed as the great feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord was celebrated by His Eminence Archbishop Paul in his historic Diocesan Cathedral, Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Offering the homily on this holy day, Archbishop Paul focused on the connection of this feast, our potential holiness, and connection of the crucifixion. “At the base, start going up those stairs, is a humility of being able to accept the cross and self-denying and self-sacrificial love. And of course, we have to start with that reality that we have to be a people that embrace the cross and be an icon of the self-emptying love.” Following the Prayer at the Ambo, fruit was blessed in the traditional manor.

His Eminence was joined by Priest Alexander Koranda, Cathedral Dean, and Protodeacon Thomas Keith. August 6 also marks the anniversary of ordination for Protodeacon Thomas. In tribute to Father Thomas’ fourteenth year of ordination to the deaconate, Archbishop Paul congratulated him and commended him for his tireless service to the Diocesan Cathedral, the Diocese of the Midwest, and the Chicago Deanery.

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