Parish Financial Practices

  • Audit Guidelines – Guidelines for conducting financial audits in parishes of the Diocese of the Midwest have been prepared. The guidelines document is available for download here.
  • IRS Regulations – A document from the IRS titled Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations can be found here.
  • Clergy Compensation Guidelines – Updated policy for Clergy Compensation were adopted at the 2008 Diocesan Assembly. They can be found here.
  • Best Practices Manual – The parish council at Holy Trinity parish in Overland Park KS recently developed a best practices manual for answering these questions. The document has been posted here for your review.
  • Pro’s and Con’s of Endowments – Parishes consider establishing an endowment may find useful insight in this article.
  • Your Parish Budget – What does it convey about your parish? See article
  • Replacement Reserve Analysis – Whether your parish facilities are new or  ancient consider undertaking a well thought out, comprehensive “Replacement Reserve Analysis”.  See article
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