Lake Michigan Blessed by Chicago Communities

CHICAGO, IL [DOM] – Three Orthodox communities from Chicago gathered at Lake Michigan to serve the Great Blessing of Water on Sunday, January 16.

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Christ the Savior Church, and St. Makarios Mission, all Chicago parishes, came together to bless Lake Michigan during the Theophany season. Priest Alexander Koranda, Cathedral Dean, Priest Philip Maikkula, Priest-in-charge of St. Makarios, and Protodeacon Thomas Keith lead the service.

Participants gathered at Chicago’s North Avenue Beach and processed to the edged of the lake singing the Theophany troparion. Upon arrival at the lake, the appropriate hymns and readings were pronounced, and the cross was lowered into the lake sanctifying the water.

The communities hope that this can be an annual gathering between the parishes which would revive the Chicago tradition of blessing the lake that took place years ago.

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