Letter of Congratulations to His Beatitude on his Tenth Primatial Anniversary

Your Beatitude,

On this day, November 13, the feast of our Holy Father and Ecumenical Teacher John Chrysostom, we celebrate your primatial election as the Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church in America.  It is on this day that the bishops, clergy, monastics, and faithful of our North American continent offer praise to the Lord Most High for providing us with such a faithful leader as Your Beatitude.

The Diocese of the Midwest, in which Your Beatitude was called to the Holy Orthodox Church, celebrates the tenth anniversary of Your Beatitude’s Primatial anniversary, offering prayers and thanksgiving, asking the Lord to continue to guide you in peace, love, health, and good strength in your primatial service to our Local Church.

I personally rejoice in this day as I reflect on our fraternal work and relationship that goes back many years.  These types of friendships are gifts from God, which help us to carry the heavy cross that has been placed upon us as followers of Christ.  Your Beatitude’s love and prayers have been a great support to me and to my diocese.  May the Lord grant you many years in service to Him and to His Holy Church.

In Christ,


Archbishop of Chicago and the Midwest

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