Name Day of Archbishop Daniel and Lenten Retreat Highlight of First Saturday of Lent

CHICAGO, IL [DOM] – The First Saturday of Great and Holy Lent was celebrated with great splendor on Saturday, March 4. In addition to being the first Divine Liturgy of the Lenten season, it also coincided with commemoration of St. Daniel of Moscow, the patron to His Eminence Archbishop Daniel of Chicago and the Midwest. The celebration was held at the Diocesan Cathedral, Holy Trinity Cathedral in Chicago, IL, and was a part of a day long retreat held by the Archbishop for the local parishes.

Archbishop Daniel welcomed and concelebrated with His Eminence Archbishop Peter of Chicago and Mid-America (ROCOR). Serving with the hierarchs was Priest Alexander Koranda, Cathedral Dean, Archpriest Alexander Kuchta, Dean of the Chicago Deanery, Archpriest Tarasiy Maxim, Priest John Kennerk, Priest Nikolai Lochmatow, Priest Anthony Saunders, Protodeacon Alexander Kitchakov (ROCOR), Protodeacon Thomas Keith, Deacon Andrew Bender, and Deacon Paul Garklavs.

The responses were sung by the St. Romanos Choir under the direction of Dr. Peter Jermihov. The choir is a part of the Society of Saint Romanos which was founded in 2001 to promote Eastern Orthodox culture in general and sacred music in particular. The Society organizes and presents distinctive cultural events that further an awareness of Eastern Orthodoxy in America. The St. Romanos Choir, an amateur chamber choir, is comprised of church musicians singing works from the various branches of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Audio clip from Divine Liturgy.

At the end of the Divine Liturgy, Archbishop Peter congratulated Archbishop Daniel on his name day, asking God’s blessing upon the Archbishop and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity of to concelebrate. Archbishop Daniel responded thanking Archbishop Peter for joining him for the celebration and for his continued support.

At the conclusion of the divine service, clergy and faithful enjoyed some light refreshments in the parish hall before they reentered the cathedral for the first presentation of Archbishop Daniel. During the first session, His Eminence took time to introduce himself to those gathered and begun his examination of Holy Week. Lunch was held in the main hall and provided by the cathedral. A final session was again held in the cathedral.


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