Diocesan Parish Grant Inititative Launched

CHICAGO, IL (MW Communications) – Parish Health Facilitator Joseph Kormos, with the blessing of His Eminence, Archbishop JOB, today announced a new grant program under the Parish Health Program of the Diocese of the Midwest. The new program will provide stimulus to parishes to begin new ministries or further develop existing parish ministries. Through modest cash grants, parishes will be able to begin internal and external efforts designed to strengthen their parish community.

“Many parishes have an idea or three – something that the priest or the parishioners have discussed but have never been able to pull together because of a lack of resources. It is hoped that this initiative will, in small part, begin to overcome the resource barrier,” said Joseph Kormos , Diocesan Parish Health Facilitator.

There are no set criteria for programs funded. Parishes are encouraged to be freethinking in their conception of possible projects. However, the Parish Health Program will specifically look for projects with the following components: involvement of majority of parishioners, applicability to other parishes, and collaboration with other parishes.

Initially the program has been funded with anonymous donations from two individuals and one parish of the diocese which will allow for at least three grants of approximately $2,000.00 each. It is hoped that the successful implementation of this first round of grants will encourage donors to come forward to help grow the program.

“Because of the generosity of faithful within our church we are now able to help both our missions and established parishes to grow in terms of quality of ministry and care,” Archpriest John Zdinak, Diocesan Chancellor, said. Archpriest John Zdinak

Grant applications will be reviewed and decided upon by a committee appointed by Archbishop JOB. The deadline for applications is May 31, 2008. Decisions will be made in mid-June. Grants are available to parishes of good standing within the Diocese of the Midwest. A full prospectus on the program and application form can be found here.

“It is our hope and prayer that this initiative will encourage our clergy and faithful to become more engaged in their communities to find new and creative ways of sharing the light of the Gospel with those hungering for the Truth it offers,” said Archbishop JOB

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