2009 Dzubay Scholarship Announced

MINNEAPOLIS, MN [MW Communications] – On Sunday, December 21 at St Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral in Minneapolis, seminarian Nicholas Hubbard received a $5000 award from the Father John Dzubay Memorial Scholarship Committee for the 2009 academic year.

Archpriest Andrew Morbey made the award on behalf of the committee. Nicholas is a third-year seminarian at St Vladimir’s Seminary where in addition to his academic studies he serves as the chapel sacristan. The Minneapolis Cathedral is his home parish and this award is his thrid Dzubay scholarship.

The Father John Dzubay Scholarship was founded in 1993 in memory of a much beloved and long-serving preist at St Mary’s Cathedral, whose life was a model of pastoral service. Dzubay scholarships are available to parishioners who undertake seminary study in preparation form pastoral ministy

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