Parish Health Grants 2009

Parish Health Facilitator Joseph Kormos, with the blessing of His Eminence, Archbishop JOB, today announced that the Parish Health Grant program begun in 2008 will continue in 2009.

The Parish Health Grant effort provides stimulus to parishes to begin new ministries or further develop existing parish ministries.

In 2008 six parishes or missions received grants. “Most parishes or missions have a worthy idea that simply cannot move forward due to lack of resources. Parish Health Grants stimulate action and get started,” said Kormos. Cash grants of approximately $2000 will be made to a four or five worthy parishes in the Diocese. Deadline for 2009 entries will be July 15 2009. More information can be found here.  

Any parish or Mission in the Diocese of the Midwest is eligible to apply for the grant funds. Decisions on recipients will be made by a committee of judges including the Diocesan Parish and Mission Development Committee.

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