DVD features Bishop Matthias with children of Guatemala’s Hogar Rafael

LAKEWOOD, OH [MW Diocese Communications] — As a New Year special, the Friends of the Hogar Rafael are offering a free 25 minute DVD titled “A Home Forever,” with the purchase of the CD, “Hymns of the Hogar.”

The video may also be purchased separately for $14.00.  Excerpts from the video may be viewed here.

The Hogar Rafael Ayau orphanage in Guatemala City is home to about 70 neglected and abandoned children who have been brought into the Hogar family and raised in a warm and loving Orthodox environment, under the care of Orthodox nuns. For fifteen years, the Hogar has been home to over one thousand children.

His Grace, Bishop Matthias of Chicago and the Midwest, an enthusiastic advocate for the ministry, has served at the Hogar and has made numerous appeals in various venues to encourage the faithful to travel there with him on mission teams. The video “A Home Forever” records his interactions with the children, and outlines the need for funds for the new, safe orphanage home being built on donated land outside of the city. The existing facility is surrounded by high walls and lies in the heart of one of Guatemala City’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

The CD, “Hymns of the Hogar,” was recorded by Ancient Faith Radio. In each of the 25 tracks, the children of the Hogar sing the Orthodox hymns for Matins and Vespers, much as they do in their daily lives at the Hogar.

All proceeds will benefit the Walk With Angels Capital Campaign to raise funds to complete construction of Hogar San Miguel, the new home for the children.

Donations may be sent to the Friends of the Hogar, c/o Catherine Fuller, 18137 Clifton Rd., Lakewood OH 44107.

Contact Catherine at www.friendsofthehogar.org for more information.

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