+Bp. Matthias visits St. Makarios Mission

Bp. Matthias visits St. Makarios Mission

at the University of Chicago, Hyde Park

Sunday, January 22, 22012, His Grace, Bp. Matthias visited St. Makarios Mission for the second time, the first after his consecration as Bishop of Chicago, where he awarded the Gold Cross to Fr. Elijah Mueller.  The retired Dean of Chicago, Fr. Tom Mueller, and Mat. Gina Mueller (Fr. Elijah’s father and mother) were in attendance as well.  Dn. Lawrence Dugoni, of St. Joseph’s OCA/Wheaton assisted in the celebration.  Later that day there was a celebration marking Fr. Tom Mueller’s retirement after 24 years of faithful and competent services at the Dean of Chicago.  God grant them many years!  Photos can be viewed here.

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