‘Same-sex attraction’ theme of Ohio forum

‘Same-sex attraction’ theme of Ohio forum 
LIMA, OH [MW Diocese Communications] — Same-sex attraction will be the theme of a forum, “Hope for Healing,” sponsored by Saint Stephen the First Martyr Church here August 24-26, 2012.
The latest in a series of fora on a variety of current issues — last year’s gathering explored Orthodox Christianity and Islam — the forum will feature presentations by Dr. Lynne Pappas and other Orthodox therapists and monastics.  According to Archpriest Mark Hodges, pastor and host, the program will also feature testimonials from individuals who have left the gay lifestyle by the love of Christ in community.
Topics include “From the Beginning: Creation,” “The Fall, Bondage, Paganism and the Occult,” “Orienting Ourselves/Delusion/Passion,” “Where the Lies Come From: Cultural Paradigms,” “Prayer: Pathway to Healing,” “Love and Acceptance in Community,” “Guidance from the Fathers: What is Truth?” and “Our Defender: The Mother of God.”
The forum will begin with the celebration of the Akathistos Hymn on Friday, August 24, at 6:30 p.m. and conclude with a luncheon and final question and answer session after the 10:30 a.m. Sunday Divine Liturgy.
The registration fee is $30.00 per person.  To register, contact Father Mark at fr.mark.hodges@juno.com or fr.mark.hodges@juno.com.  Additional information may be found at orthodoxlima.org.
A flyer is available for download here.

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