Bishop Matthias visits Holy Trinity Church, Overland Park, KS

“Vladyka” time with campers
OVERLAND PARK, KS [MW Diocese Communications] — His Grace, Bishop Matthias, accompanied by Subdeacon Alex Koranda, visited Holy Trinity Church the weekend of July 28-29, 2012.

“The specific purpose of the visit was to visit the Eastern Orthodox Youth Camp, which includes campers, counselors and clergy from all Orthodox jurisdictions,” said Father Timothy Sawchak, rector.  “His Grace met with the counselors preparing for camp at Holy Trinity on Saturday and then spent Sunday evening and all day Monday with the campers.”

Following the celebration of the Sunday morning Divine Liturgy at Holy Trinity, at which Bishop Matthias presided, a festive lunch was held as the parish commemorated Saint Ignatius of Jableczna, new martyr, whose relics are embedded into the parish’s altar table.  [Saint Ignatius perished in the mid-1940s when the Nazis attacked the Monastery of Saint Onuphrius in southeastern Poland.]  In addition to Father Timothy, other concelebrants included Fathers Christopher Rowe, Gregory Dye, and Michael Medis and Deacon David Neff.

Additional information on the camp may be accessed at  Photo gallery can be viewed here.

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