Diocesan member’s plays featured on DCE website

Diocesan member’s plays featured on DCE web site

Diocesan member's plays featured on DCE web siteSYOSSET, NY [MW Diocese Communications] — Three plays tracing the lives of the Prophets Jonah, Daniel and Elijah, written by Shawn Cunningham of Saint Nicholas Church, Mentor, OH, are now available from the Department of Christian Education [DCE] of the Orthodox Church in America.

“Each play has funny characters and light-hearted humor, while still giving students a solid understanding of the prophet’s importance,” said Matushka Valerie Zahirsky, DCE chair.  “The plays can be presented in their full length, and suggestions for using shorter sections are also provided.  Props and costumes are simple, but can be made more elaborate if participants wish.”

For each play, the DCE has provided activities and discussion questions for different age groups, further enhancing the students’ understanding and enjoyment.

The plays may be accessed on the DCE web site.

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