A joint ministry, from South Carolina to Wisconsin!

A joint ministry, from South Carolina to Wisconsin!

KENOSHA, WI [MW Diocese Communications] — Recently, a team of parishioners from the Nativity of the Theotokos Church, Charlotte, SC, made the 825-mile trek to Kenosha, WI, where they helped build an entrance ramp at Saint Nicholas Church.

A joint ministry, from South Carolina to Wisconsin!“At the invitation of Charlotte’s Father Bill Mills, Sam Salloum and I started a conversation in March 2014 about a project that would make Saint Nicholas Church handicapped accessible,” said Kenosha’s Father Stephen Hrycyniak.  “A team of five agreed to come to Kenosha and offer a week of their time to build a 100 foot ramp if our parishioners could come up with the cost of materials.  I approached our council and parishioners; everyone was largely supportive and generously donated toward the project.”

The “Charlotte Five” arrived in Kenosha on Sunday, June 29, and within a week, the parish boasted a beautifully constructed ramp.

“Our parish in Charlotte is blessed with a young group of parishioners who are knowledgeable and handy when it comes to construction and property maintenance,” said Sam.  “After taking care of our property for years, it was time to share our talents and skills to serve those who are in need of them, so decided to offer our labor as a gift to Saint Nicholas parish in Kenosha.

“None of us knew where Kenosha was,” Sam added.  “On the Sunday we left, Father Bill told us not to worry — faith was our strength.  Father Stephen and his parishioners took us in and loved us as their own.  We pray that the handicap ramp is not only the physical means to enter the nave, but also to be the narrow road that leads to our Father’s Kingdom.”

“The ramp will meet the needs of our less mobile and differently-abled members and guests for years to come,” said Father Stephen.  “It stands as an ‘icon’ of sorts that speaks powerfully that all are welcome at Saint Nicholas — and to the love and exemplary stewardship of the ‘Charlotte Five’ who made it possible!”

A photo gallery of the event can be viewed here.

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