Iconography blessed at Chicago’s Christ the Savior Church

Iconography blessed at Chicago’s Christ the Savior Church

CHICAGO, IL [MW Diocese Communication] — On Sunday, August 16, 2015, a large “pan-Orthodox” crowd of faithful filled Christ the Savior Church here to celebrate the blessing of the temple’s recently completed interior iconography.

Priest John Baker celebrated a Molieben of Thanksgiving after the Divine Liturgy and led the procession around the Church as he blessed the entire temple.

Iconography blessed at Chicago's Christ the Savior Church“Those in attendance shared in the graciousness of the parish community who hosted a cookout picnic with brats, burgers and libations,” said Father John.  “Fellowship continued for several hours in joyful remembrance of the event.

“The iconography project began in August 2009 at the request of Archbishop Job,” Father John explained.  “Archbishop Job insisted on engaging master iconographer, Father Theodore Jurewicz who, although contemplating retirement at the time, agreed to take on the project.”

Visiting Chicago two or three times a year, Father Theodore completed the iconography in July 2015.

“Parish faithful raised the funds to undertake the project thoughout the six years,” Father John continued.  “Faithful throughout the diocese contributed to the Icon of Christ Trampling Down the Gates of Hades, donated in memory of Archbishop Job.”

Much preparation went into the project from the outset.

“The first icon written in the church was that of the Feast of Theophany,” said Father John.  “Its place is where there once was a large pipe organ, which I and a few brave parishioners spent three days removing.  It went from the ceiling into the basement, requiring that the floor be patched and the wall repaired where it once stood.”

The final work — the “toweling” that adorns the nave — was completed in July 2015, replacing what had been stained brick which another parishioner covered with cement board.

A gallery of the blessing may be viewed here, while an audio recording of the services may be accessed here.

A 360-degree tour of the church’s interior may be viewed here.

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