First annual vineyard blessing celebrated in Lawrence, KS

First annual vineyard blessing celebrated in Lawrence, KS

LAWRENCE, KS [MW Diocese Communications] — On Saturday, September 5, 2015, members of Saint Nicholas Church here traveled to a nearby winery for the celebration of their first annual vineyard blessing and harvest day.

First annual vineyard blessing celebrated in Lawrence KS“Bluejacket Crossing Vineyard and Winery is a small, family owned winery just a few miles east of our parish,” said Priest Joshua Lollar, Rector.  “Our parish purchases all of its Communion wine there — a semisweet wine made of native and hybrid grapes appropriately named ‘Prairie Red.’”

Upon their arrival at the vineyard, Father Joshua and eight members of the parish were offered an orientation to the vineyard and an explanation of the grape picking process.

“Soon we — along with several other volunteers from the community — were hard at work, harvesting countless pounds of several different varieties of grapes,” said Ryan, a realtor in the parish.  “It’s so great that we can just come here and be a part of this.  You know, so much about this process hasn’t changed in thousands of years.  I can come here to help with the harvest, and know that I’m doing the same type of work that people in the Old Testament did.”

After several hours of productive labor, the vineyard staff invited everyone into the spacious event facility for sandwiches, fellowship, and plenty of ice cold homemade sangria.  Following this welcomed break, the group headed back to the fields, this time in procession as Father Joshua blessed the vines as well as the harvest.

“We are grateful for the winery’s hospitality, and are very happy to be of help to them at this busy time of year,” said Father Joshua.  “Everyone enjoyed both the experience and the chance to see where our Communion wine comes from and how it is made.  We are excited to return next year!”

A photo gallery of the event can be viewed here.

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