“SOS!” September is “Support Our Seminarians” Month!

“SOS!”  September is “Support Our Seminarians” Month!

CHICAGO, IL [MW Diocese Communications] — Once again, September has been designated “Support Our Seminarians” Month in the Diocese of the Midwest as His Grace, Bishop Paul, calls upon the faithful to support the growing number of diocesan seminarians — many of whom are married with children.

SOS September is Support Our Seminarians Month“Our Diocese needs to send people to seminary so that they can be properly formed in the Orthodox Christian Faith for service to the Church in various capacities,” wrote His Grace, Bishop Paul in a recent letter to all parishes and diocesan faithful.  “The Diocese of the Midwest is particularly calling people who could be candidates for the priesthood.  There will be a great need for priests in our Diocese in the next two to eight years.  So I would be grateful to God for the support that individuals and parishes can offer to assist those who are now and will be answering that call in the years to come.”

In an effort to build awareness of our seminarians’ needs, SOS flyers are available for downloading and distribution in all parishes during the month of September.  The flyer is available in color and black-and-white PDF formats.  All donations from parishes as well as individuals — culminating in “SOS Sunday” on September 30 — will be distributed directly to the seminarians to offset the cost of their educational and living expenses.

Regardless of how a parish chooses to raise SOS funds, the result will help ensure that our seminarians and their families will find some measure of “relief” from increasing living and educational expenses.

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