Maple Heights, OH parish honors life-saving “superheroes!”

Maple Heights, OH parish honors life-saving “superheroes!”

MAPLE HEIGHTS, OH [St. Andrew Church/Christine Hoover] — Archpriest Emilian Hutnyan and several members of Saint Andrew Church, Maple Heights, OH, attended a reception at the Maple Heights Senior Center on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 to honor and thank two young Maple Heights men who were instrumental in saving the lives of a little girl and her mother.

Maple Heights OH parish honors life saving superheroes“Their decision to stop and help this young girl and her mom saved their lives,” explains parishioner Christine Hoover.  “They saw the little girl by herself, without a coat, in freezing temperatures, and in the dark, they decided to stop.  When they did, they discovered her mom unconscious in the drive way.  They placed the little girl in their car to keep her warm and went to help the mom, calling 911.  Many people chose to drive by that night, and the situation could have had a very different outcome had these men not stopped to help.”

Father Emilian offered several prayers for the men, their families, the mother and daughter who were saved, the first responders, and the city of Maple Heights.

“Each of them was offered a donation on behalf of our parish to thank them for their efforts,” Christine added.  “Our Mayor and city officials are always appreciative of our relationship with the city, and we feel blessed to be a part of it.”

After the event, the Mayor said, “Father Emilian, Saint Andrew’s Eastern Orthodox Church, and several parishioners came out this evening to celebrate these superheroes.  Father Emil, what a beautiful and inspiring prayer.  Thank you for always showing up when the city calls.”

Father Emilian also presented cash donations, on behalf of the parish, to both young men and to the family that was saved.

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