Online Registration for 20th AAC Delegates Begins

20th AAC

Online registration is now open for clergy and lay delegates and observers to the 20th All-American Council of the Orthodox Church in America. Registration may be found on the AAC website.

The 20th All-American Council will be held in Baltimore, MD on July 18-22, 2022. Hotel registration is at Baltimore Hilton Hotel and must be completed separately by the delegates. The registration deadline for both the AAC and Hotel is Monday, June 27, 2022.

Selection and registration of delegates

Please review the procedures for selecting clergy and lay delegates according to Article III, Section 2 and 7 of the Statute of the Orthodox Church in America. It is the responsibility of each diocese to collect and submit AAC assessments according to their own established procedures.

The assessment covers AAC-related expenses for parish clergy and lay delegates, excluding travel, hotel, and food costs. The cost of the AAC’s Grand Banquet is included in each parish’s assessment payment. If approved by the parish rector, observers may also register, but they are responsible for their own expenses to attend the AAC. The online registration process will indicate available options regarding daily and weekly costs, as well as the option for observers to attend the Grand Banquet. Once again, OCA Clergy widows, and wives of currently retired OCA clergy will have their fee waived.

Delegates and observers are responsible for the cost of their meals, other than the Grand Banquet, and transportation costs to and from the Council. Travel arrangements may be made through FOS Tours & Travel, Inc. (Lucy Morrone, 516-937-7757).

Registration of Delegates

baltimoreParishes are permitted to send their assigned clergy and an equal number of lay delegates. Deacons may register as lay delegates unless specifically assigned and financially supported by the parish in a manner approved by their diocesan hierarch.  Attached and retired clergy do not qualify as “assigned,” as this term refers to clergy who have been both assigned to the parish by the diocesan hierarch and are financially supported by the parish in a manner approved by him.In order to register for the Council, a valid email address is required. It is through this address that communication will be made available for the delegates. Registrants are encouraged to save their assigned registration numbers in order to log on to edit any information if needed.

Once the registration is complete, the AAC team will ensure that it is legitimate and the names of the delegates from each parish will be sent to their diocesan hierarchs for approval. A final confirmation email, including additional check-in instructions, will be sent once the registration is approved.

Registration of Observers

Observers will have many opportunities to participate and benefit from the AAC. Each observer must be approved by his or her own parish priest and diocesan hierarch. Observers will be seated in a designated section but they do not have the right to speak or vote. Observers may register for the entire week, a single day, or for a series of days. Costs for observers may be paid online through the registration program or by check sent to the OCA Accounting Manager, Susan Wisnewski. Daily observers may pay to attend the Grand Banquet. The fee for weekly observers, as well as retired clergy, includes the cost of the Grand Banquet. Retired clergy may sit with the delegates during the AAC sessions. While they may speak, they are not permitted to vote. Observers also are responsible for their own travel, hotel, and food costs.

To register as an observer, follow the instructions by clicking on the registration link. A confirmation email will be sent after submitting your information. The AAC team will ensure that the observer fee has been paid either online or by check to the OCA Accounting Manager. Upon this confirmation, the observer’s name will be forwarded to the diocesan hierarch for approval. Once this approval is given, the registration will be complete and a confirmation email with additional check-in instructions will be sent at that time.

COVID-19 protocol will follow guidelines given by the CDC, the City of Baltimore, and the Hilton Hotel.

Additional registration information will be posted as it is made available. Youth program registration will be coming soon.

Questions may be directed to the All-American Council team at or 516-922-0550.

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