Orthodox Monastery Outgrowing Living Quarters

SOUTH CANAAN, PA [DOM Communications] – The first Orthodox monastery of North America, St. Tikhon Monastery, is seeking financial assistance in building new living quarters for their monastics.

Abbot Sergius of St. Tikhon’s describes this projecting stating, “we are raising money to directly benefit St. Tikhon’s Monastery because we are out of room! Any donation will help make an impact. We have 19 monastics and are the oldest Orthodox Monastery in America with a ministry of monastic prayer, a full cycle of daily services, outreach and a seminary where we teach students studying for ministry. We also have a full parish and a publishing house. We thank you for your help!”

The Monastery of St Tikhon of Zadonsk, founded in 1905, is the first and oldest Orthodox monastery in this land and in the western world. Knowing that monasticism is indispensable for the healthy flourishing of a local Orthodox Church, the young Hieromonk, later Archbishop, Arseny (Chagovtsev), who arrived in America in 1902, conceived the idea of starting a monastery in America.  In his vision, the monastery would serve as a “mother house” for monastics who were engaged in mission work in various places in North America; they could return periodically for spiritual rejuvenation.  Through Fr Arseny’s dedicated efforts, aided by Archbishop Tikhon, later St. Tikhon of Moscow, suitable land was found:  the Wagner farm in Western Wayne County, near the village of South Canaan.  On June 26, 1905, the land for the new monastery was purchased for $2,580 by Archbishop Tikhon and Hieromonk Arseny—the founders of St Tikhon’s Monastery.

The Monastery of St. Tikhon continues to witness to the ancient ascetical ways of the Church and to serve as a place of spiritual rejuvenation for all those who visit. To offer your support, please visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/new-monk-house.

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