Rubrics for Orthodox Bellringing Available through “The Church Bell Company”

ST. LOUIS, MO [DOM] – The Church Bell Company, located in St. Louis, MO, is offering Rubrics of Orthodox Christian Bellringing for the beginning of Lent.

According to their website, The Church Bell Company was created to “take the guesswork out of buying bells and learning to ring so churches can witness God’s presence to their congregation and their neighbors.” The company has been active for a decade helping churches buy, install, and learn to ring bells in the Orthodox tradition, including parishes in the diocese.

“There are many sources of information about when and why bells should be rung during Orthodox worship. This often leads to conflicting directions, and the spread of practices that are less than optimal. This document is the culmination of a deep study of all available source documents in English, Greek, and Russian, and offers an explanation of how and why church bells should be rung at the different points of each service.”

The guide is free for all clergy and laity in the Diocese of the Midwest. You can access the full guide at this link:

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