Saint Macrina Institute Offers New Spirituality Class

BURBANK, IL [DOM Communications] – The St. Macrina Institute has announced a new cycle of classes that will begin online to draw in students who lack a local cohort or instructor. The new students will begin near the end of October with the spirituality class, first in the cycle of seven courses, one for each semester. Class sessions will run one every two weeks. Other courses being offered include:

  1. New Cycle Announcement 9.29.20 Diocesan Spirituality—Fr. Elijah will teach this one starting in October.
  2. Old Testament
  3. New Testament
  4. Church History and Patristics
  5. Dogmatic Theology
  6. Liturgical Theology, Homiletics and Catechetical Practice
  7. Ethics, Canons, Parish and Liturgical Practice

“Spirituality, as we teach it here, is the study of the Orthodox understanding of: who the human being is; what is the life of prayer; how the scriptures are interpreted for both liturgical and prayerful use; and how ascetic teachings apply to human life,” said Archpriest Elijah Mueller, the head of the St. Macrina Institute.

This cycle would run until 2023 and the estimated cost is $500 per student. The instructors are experienced and knowledgeable teachers, approved Diocesan faculty. For more information, please contact Fr. Elijah by email,, or by phone 312.714.9775.


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