St. Luke Community Welcomes Archpriest from Romanian Orthodox Church

PALOS HILLS, IL [DOM] – On Sunday, October 22, St. Luke Church, Palos Hills, IL welcomed the Inspector General of Missions from the Romanian Orthodox Metropolis of Iasi, Archpriest Iulian Negru and his Proetesa Antonetta. Fr. Iulian served the Divine Liturgy with Diocesan Chancellor Archpriest Paul Jannakos. Father spoke with over 100 people during brunch in the parish hall on the topic: “Spirituality, Suffering, & Healing.”

Fr. Iulian Negro is a well known pastoral theologian in Romania (and all over Eastern Europe), who has developed Orthodox programs of alcohol and addition recovery based on Orthodox Spirituality not only in Romania, but also in Russia, Ukraine, Kenya, and here in the United States. He is also the Department Chairman for the Romanian Orthodox Church Office of Addiction and Alcohol recovery, and the co-founder of the Board of Addiction Treatment and Recovery for the Romanian government in Bucharest. He is an author of many books and articles on Orthodox Spirituality, a Professor at the Andre Seguna Orthodox Facultet (graduate seminary) in Isai. He currently building a new residential treatment center in Iasi for those suffering from heroin addiction, on 5 hectors of property donated for this purpose by the Neampt Monastery in Bukovina (home of the relics of St. Paisi Velichkovsky).

Fr. Iulian and his wife are touring the monasteries in the Midwest and Pennsylvania and will speak this coming Sunday at St. Mary Romanian Orthodox Church in Chicago.


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