St. Macrina Begins a New Series of Courses, Outside Vocational Framework

CHICAGO, IL [DOM] – Saint Macrina Orthodox Institute of the Diocese of the Midwest is pleased to offer a new series of courses which will allow students who are not enrolled in the Diaconal and Catechetical certificate program to study more in-depth, the texts and traditions of the Church.

Each course will deal with a different sacramental mystery and a portion of the Scriptures as traditionally interpreted. Within this framework, we will gather insights for prayer life and how to face the world and interact with it as an Orthodox Christian.

These courses will consist of 2 hour classes in 6 sessions. Time TBD by class member consensus, to start in mid January. Initially we will start with online participation through zoom.

Based on student input in these courses, St. Macrina will also be developing Bible studies on particular books, book studies on particular Church Fathers, and studies of historical periods or events.

Archbishop Daniel has blessed the extension of the scope of courses and the educational mission of St. Macrina. We hope to build more, as we increase the love of learning and so help increase the desire for God and greater dedication in faith among the faithful as we grow in wonder at the beauty of God’s works for us.

Course 1

Beginnings: Creation, Fall, Renunciation, and Initiation

We will read texts and discuss the following:

1.      Beginning of the world, beginning of covenant, and beginning of our life: creation, sin, renunciation of the world, and sacrifice as images and realities in our life.

2.      Baptism and the process leading up to it. How to understand moving from the “old man” to the new.

3.      The biblical understanding of Creation and Fall, and the commands as related to creation. The meaning of “image of God,” and the mystery of sacrifice. The understanding of the initial return of humanity as typified by Abraham (and Isaac and Jacob) and worked out by the repentant catechumen. We will end with a discussion of Sinai and the Law.

Please contact Fr. Elijah at 312-714-9775, or for more info or to register for this course.

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