St. Macrina Institute Announces New Course for the Fall

CHICAGO, IL [DOM] – The St. Macrina Institute has announced “Spirituality” as it’s new course slated to start in the fall. This is the introductory course in the St. Macrina curriculum cycle of 7 courses. Students learn about the basics of Orthodox spirituality through important patristic texts. These texts will explain traditional scriptural interpretation and teach the ascetic theology of the Church. Through these, students will learn to apply scriptural and liturgical images to our inner life, and identify the virtues and passions as described by the great teachers of the Church.

This course is a formational foundation of the program, helping us to inculcate the right virtues and the practice of prayer that supports the whole curriculum. Learning about “ascesis” helps to prepare the students to have the right frame of mind for further study of theological subjects that follow in the curriculum.

First five class sessions: Sundays (4-7pm CT) with make-up classes on Tuesdays (6-8pm CT) all taking place on Zoom. November 6th  (8th), 13th (15th); December 4th (6th), 11th (13th); January 8th (10th); more dates will be added in consultation with students. The estimated cost is $500 per student.

For more information, please contact Fr. Elijah by email,, or by phone 312.714.9775.


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