St. Vladimir Chapel Celebrates 50th Anniversary

FARMDALE, OH [DOM] – On August 11, 1973, the chapel at St. Vladimir’s Camp, formally the FROC’s Ohio District Camp, was dedicated in honor of the Great St. Prince Vladimir, and in memory of the Rt. Rev. Vladimir Prislopsky – beloved pastor of Archangel Michael parish and founder of the FOCA.

This chapel was built by volunteers from Archangel Michael Church, Broadview Heights, OH,  and was spearheaded by Mr. John Kormos. It was erected over the course of many weekends and stands today as a testimony to the hard work and efforts of many. In addition, it continues to serve as a beacon to the youth of the Cleveland Deanery and beyond; faithful children who come to the camp to worship and grow in their Faith.

A plaque on the exterior of the chapel reads: “To the memory of the Right Reverend Vladimir Prislopsky. Founder and first president of the FROC, who dedicated his life to the youth of his church. “He was a burning and shining light, and you were willing for a season to rejoice in His Light” (John 5:35).

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