The 59th Assembly of the Midwest Concludes

BURBANK, IL [DOM Communications] – The 59th Diocesan Assembly of the Midwest was held on October 8th beginning at 5 pm CST with prayer. The online meeting brought together over 100 clergy and faithful from all over the diocese. Given the current circumstances, the usual three-day assembly was abbreviated into one meeting held on Thursday evening. Although the format of this year’s assembly was much different from years past, the same reports and business were able to be conducted. 

In his report, Archbishop Paul began with an encouraging message to “forge on.” “We forge on,” he explained, “comes from Fr. Thomas Hopko. He often used those words while I was at Seminary. They are the best words I can think of to describe our life in the Diocese at this annual assembly.”  

Archbishop Paul went on to report on various other aspects of diocesan life, and commended the diocese’s resolve to find ways to make things work. The Archbishop resumed parish visits in July of this year. “Resuming these visits,” he said, “has been very uplifting to me. To get direct feedback from people whether I want to hear it or not has been wonderful.” 

During the two-hour online meeting, other topics addressed included plans to develop parish music, youth, and charitable ministries, among others. Of special note was the Archbishop’s presentation of the possibility to reopen the monastic community in Marshfield, MO, thanks to a generous donation from an anonymous donor. “I have met extensively with Mother Alexandra (Magan) and vetted her before blessing her to go to Marshfield and continue a monastic witness,” reported the Archbishop. “I have always believed that we can’t be healthy as a Diocese without having monasteries to support us through prayer, worship, work, and hospitality that monasteries offer.” 

Other reports came from the office of the Chancellor, Deaneries, Metropolitan Council, Treasury, and various other ministries of the diocese. These reports are available on the assembly web page. A progress report was given on recent renovation work of the new Diocesan Center in Burbank. The report featured before and after pictures and proposals for more upgrades in the upcoming year. 

The assembly, the clergy and faithful moved and passed a motion to open the monastery in Marshfield. The monastic community will be directly under the diocese. The costs associated with reopening the monastery will be covered by the anonymous donation; so, with the assembly’s vote in favor of the motion, the way is now clear for the process of reopening the monastery to begin. 

The meeting concluded with the Archbishop expressing his gratitude for all the delegates meeting in this compacity and then offered a prayer to the Mother of God.

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