Work Begins to Remove “structurally unstable” Central Dome in Cleveland Cathedral

CLEVELAND, OH [DOM] – Work has begun removing the central dome of St. Theodosius Cathedral, Cleveland, OH. The crews began their work today disassembling the dome that was damaged by a fire that broke out on May 28.

In a letter to parishioners of the cathedral, Priest Jan Cizmar, Cathedral Dean, shared that he had been informed that the main dome was structurally unstable and may collapse at any time. “We had to stop the mitigation process and cleaning, nobody is allowed in. We will have to take the main dome down in pieces,” reported Fr. Jan. Two teams of structural engineers confirmed this, however, the work could not start any sooner than today due to the complicated process.

“There is nothing we can do but pray that it will stay up there. The fall would be devastating for the church’s stability.”

Fr. Jan also shared that the local neighborhood community has been offering their support. A local café, Lucky’s Café, is organizing a fundraiser selling T-shirts that say, “Save Tremont’s Cathedral”.

His Eminence Archbishop Daniel of Chicago and the Midwest has been involved receiving updates and interacting with the local community. In a letter to the local Fire Chief, the Archbishop wrote, “I write to express my gratitude as the gratitude of the clergy and faithful of the Saint Theodosius Orthodox Cathedral Community in Tremont. The fact that the cathedral was not a total loss is largely due to the quick response and the professionalism of you and your fire crews.”

The Cathedral is in need of funds for this work and has set up a campaign on Tithely. This can be accessed here.

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