Work Continues at New Monastery, but Help Needed

MARSHFIELD, MO [DOM Communications] – The newly established Holy Resurrection Monastery in the Diocese of the Midwest continues its work and labor making repairs and room for more vocations.

Since the opening of the monastery there has been a lot of work that has taken place including repairs to the front stairs, gutter spouts, roof, and the building and refurbishing of a second monastic cell. A 5-brick propane heater was installed on the other side of the residence, cutting the high electric bill, and regulating the temperature throughout the main residence. Even with all of this work being accomplished, there is more to do.

Mother Alexandra, the Abbess of the Monastery, shared “after the current cell project is finished, the guest pantry and dining area will be repaired and painted. That leaves one more cell. Within three months, the main residence will be finished and ready to be completed by furnishing it.” Other future projects include repairing the cracks in main Chapel exterior doors and the fitting, insulation and metal support of those doors. The dishwasher in the main community kitchen does not work and will be replaced, along with the expansion of the online store and a physical Gift Shop.

With all of this work before the monastery, Mother Alexandra is asking for assistance and donations for specific items. “The items on the list are to complete the furnishing of the monastery. A couple of cells will soon be ready to accommodate female guests, but there is much more to do. There are no furnishings in the monastic community room, the guest dining room requires more suitable, durable tables and chairs, there are 3 additional cells to be furnished, and additional tools are required to repair and maintain the monastery buildings and grounds.”

A team of Orthodox faithful from St. Luke Orthodox Church in Palos Hills, Illinois recently made a trip to the monastery to assess its needs, initiate clean-up of grounds and interior painting. More teams are being organized to come to the monastery in September and are addressing both the needs of the interior and the exterior.  The exterior needs include repairing the rear staircase that has many rotted treads, stringers and rails in danger of collapse, power washing the exterior and attending to broken siding in a couple of areas, repairing and staining wood outside of the Chapel, installing a yard drain by a low window, roof flashing and gutter repairs, and window well repair. The interior lower-level repairs will include the restoration of two cells and creating a sitting area.

Donations will overall improve the monastery and their guests experience. “Visitors and guests have already benefitted from cleaner, temperature controlled, fresher spaces and places, and the beautiful grounds” Mother stated.  “These final improvements and items will complete the monastery’s capacity and ability to welcome woman seeking monastic life and others seeking time away from the world, even if for a day. The furnishings will complete the main and the lower level.”

In addition to mission/work teams, Holy Resurrection Monastery has the immediate need for furnishings, equipment and tools. A list is provided below enumerating the needed items. Those who are able to provide any of these items or make a cash donation for their purchase, are asked to inform Mother Alexandra of your desire to contribute such items prior to shipping or contributing to the monastery.

If a parish is interested in sending a team to the monastery, or an individual would like to offer their time to assist with this work, they are asked to contact Michaelyn Sloan, Missions Coordinator at St. Luke Church. Michaelyn can be contacted at for more information.

Holy Resurrection Orthodox Monastery
Mother Alexandra
224 Hospitality Road
Niangua, MO 65713

 Material, Equipment and Furnishing Needs List*

  1. Street Entry Sign: The monastery would like a wood sign installed at the entry to their property. The sign would be inscribed as follows:

 “Holy Resurrection Orthodox Monastery
Orthodox Church in America”

  1. Inside Building Furnishings:
  • Three (3) 8’ folding tables with folding chairs
  • Four (4) desks and chairs
  • Two (2) couches
  • Five (5) reclining chairs
  • Two (2) dressers
  • One (1) love seat
  • Two (2) single mattresses w/pads, plastic bedliners, sheets and blankets
  • Two (2) single box springs
  • One (1) single bed frame
  • Five (5) 6’x8’ rugs for bedrooms
  • Wall shelving for five (5) bedrooms
  • Assortment of towels and wash clothes
  1. Tools and Equipment:
  • Extension ladder
  • Garden racks
  • Shovels
  • Skill saw
  • Table saw
  • Jig saw
  • Saw horses
  • Power sander
  • 18” gas chain saw
  • Carpenter level
  • Tree trimming extension saw
  • Assortment of bolts/nuts, screws, washers, nails

*The Monastery is in need of donation of these items or cash contribution for their purchase

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