$4,500 Given to Better Serve Those in Need

COLUMBUS, OH [DOM Communications] – The charitable arm of the Diocese of the Midwest, Mother Maria Charitable Ministry (MMCM), completed a recent campaign to help an active food ministry in Columbus, OH. As previously reported, the MMCM was asking for an additional $1,500 to help St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church with their weekly ministry of feeding the poor.

“We sent the parish a check for $4,500 towards their kitchen remodeling project for much needed upgrades to more effectively help those they serve,” said Priest Jonathan Lincoln, head of the MMCM. “Our ministry provided $3,000 while we asked for $1,500 from donors to complete this project. This was covered by one donation from Holy Trinity Cathedral.”

These funds went directly to replacing vitally-needed equipment, such as a dishwasher, large refrigerator, deep freezer, stove top/oven, etc. Archpriest Stephen Frase expressed his gratitude to His Eminence Archbishop Paul, Fr. Jonathan, and all of those who made this effort possible. A brief video of Fr. Stephen explaining their work can be seen below.

MMCM continues to provide essential assistance to different ministries throughout the Diocese of the Midwest. These efforts can only continue through the support of your generosity. To become a donor, or to suggest a project for the MMCM please visit https://charity.domoca.org/.


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