2021 Clergy Convocation

Virtual Clergy Convocation 2021

May 12th, 2021


Father Silviu Bunta, Ph.D.

9:30a – 11:15a - “Of What Tradition Do We Speak? A Brief Look at a New, Evangelical Orthodoxy”
12:15p – 1:45p - “Ethics or Immorality? A False Dilemma”

First Diocesan Council Meeting of 2021

Diocesan Chancery 5037 W 83rd St, Burbank

The first Diocesan Council meeting will be held in person at the Chancery on June 16 and 17. Please contact the chancery for further details.

Diocesan Staff Meeting

There will be a Diocesan Staff Meeting at the Chancery on July 6, 2021. Please contact the chancery for more details.

2021 Diocesan Assembly

The 2021 Diocesan Assembly will be held in person at Archangel Michael Orthodox Church in Broadview Heights, OH. Further details and schedule to be released when available. Please contact the chancery with any questions.

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