Grow A Mission

Share the Gospel & Spread the Faith

Outreach – bringing persons to Christ – is a fundamental tenet of our Christian life and the life of every parish. One of the ways the Diocese of the Midwest supports outreach is through the planting of new “mission” communities.

But How?

All too often, we struggle with the question: How do we do this? What can we do – actually do – to bring people to Christ? Here are a few simple steps to help individuals and parishes get started:


Support of missions is a two-way street!

Like children who care for their parents in old age, parishes which are mission minded – planting and supporting missions – are often revitalized and repopulated by them later. The more “children” you have, the more care you are likely to receive from them later.

Has your parish founded a mission? If not, what is preventing it?

Help Plant Our Next Mission

Where should the diocese be looking to plant its next mission?

Reclaiming a Mission Mindset

Every thriving, healthy parish possesses these qualities. Does yours?

Donate to the Mission Fund

Help fund our efforts and the exploration of new missions in the diocese.

Invest in Missions with OCCIF

Did you know your savings can do more than just earn interest?


Don’t underestimate how important your visit to a mission could be!

The day you show up may be the same day the priest or core group is tempted to throw in the towel. Your visits during divine services and support encourages mission priests and your missionary Orthodox Christians know they aren’t alone.

Find the mission closest to you, visit, and see how you can help.

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