Liturgical Music

Hierarchical Liturgy: O Come Let Us Worship (Thou/Thy version)
Hierarchical Liturgy: O Come Let Us Worship (You/Your version)

Great Vespers – Day of the Holy Spirit (kneeling prayers): Stichera – Kievan (Yaichkov)

O Heavenly King – Wide Harmony (Common Chant)

O Heavenly King – Kievan Chant (Kastal’sky)

Pentecost: Magnification – Znamenny (Ledkovsky)

Pentecost: First Antiphon – Znamenny

Pentecost: Second Antiphon – Znamenny

Pentecost: Troparion (Obikhod)

Liturgical Arrangements by Archbishop Job

The Great Canon of St. Andrew (Carpathian Chant)

The Resurrectional Evlogitaria (Carpathian Chant)

Ton Dhespotin (Carpathian Chant)

O Heavenly King (Carpathian Chant)

Troparion – Paraklisis (Carpathian Chant)

Exapostilarion – Dormition (Carpathian Chant)

Canon – Paraklisis (Carpathian Chant)

The Divine Liturgy

Let Us Pray to the Lord

Dialogue in Church?

The First Antiphon and Antiphonal Singing

Origin of Antiphonal Singing

Only-Begotten Son

Entrance Hymn: What’s with all this Singing?

The Beatitudes

On the Road towards the Kingdom

Come, Let us Worship

The Trisagion is an Entrance Hymn?

Church Tradition and the Trisagion

Peace be unto all!

Prokeimenon and Responsorial Psalmody

Why do we Chant Scripture?

The Word of God in the Divine Liturgy

Words, Words, and More Words

The Word of God and the Liturgical Homily

We’re Singing “Lord, Have Mercy” Again?

Practical Prepartion for the Lord’s Supper

The Cherubikon

Where is our Road Map Leading us?Hymns of the Great Entrance

An Angel of Peace

In Love Draw Near

The Kiss of Peace

Liturgy and the English Language

Links to Liturgical and Music Texts

Orthodox Church in America

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese

Diocese of the West (OCA)

Orthodox Two Part Liturgical Music

Russian Orthodox Church Music

St John Chrysostom Russian Orthodox Church (ROCOR)

Protection of the Holy Theotokos Monastery (Moscow Patriarchate – Russian)


Liturgical Texts (Slavonic, but with English menu)

Liturgical Texts (Slavonic)

Archimandrite Ephrem (Lash) Liturgical Text Translations

Bishop Basil (Essey)

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